The Session

The Loving Vibration that joyfully binds everything together offers Itself to us in infinite circles of energies. I call this Loving Vibration, God.

It is with gratitude and joy that I offer my service as a spiritual mediator between you and your Guiding Circle.

Forty minutes before your session starts, I establish partnership with your Guiding Circle through meditation and prayer. With your name as a focus point, I begin to hear your Guiding Circle’s counsel. And what I hear over the next forty minutes, I write.

“I have been going to her once a year since 2003. I initially went to her for advice in life decisions. She quickly became much more than that. She is truly my teacher. She has taught me to how to talk to the divine, how to listen to my own instincts and divine wisdom, how to be humble and at the same time fierce and proud. There is no two bones about it-Carolyn is an intuitive and has been able to help me navigate through this life of mine..”– Jenny M., NYC, NY

Your session begins with my imparting to you the 4 to 7 pages of notes that I have taken during meditation. This can take anywhere from ten minutes to a half an hour. Once I am clear that I have given the information to you properly, my next job is to facilitate dialog between you and your Guiding Circle. This dialog may take up to an hour.

At the beginning and end of every session, I will ask God to give you the gift of “Divine Remembrance”, the gift of holding the information in a way that supports you and suits you. For my part, I need to wipe the slate clean, and I will ask God to give me the gift of “Divine Forgetfulness”. There may be some general teachings from your Guiding Circle that I will be allowed to remember, but anything that belongs exclusively to you is forgotten. In fact, I won’t remember most of your session.

“After a session with Carolyn, I find a quiet yet overwhelming rejoicing in my heart. A joyfulness arises which comes from a familiarity and connection to awarenesses that are much bigger than my own everyday experiences. This multi- dimensional familiarity encompasses past and present, hopes, dreams, feelings, and talents. I find myself comforted and enthused because my life experiences are validated as if someone “out there” knows me and cares deeply. It is such an enriching experience to have a reading with Carolyn. I wish it for everyone. I have worked with her brilliant council for many years. I will continue to do so for years to come.”

Marilyn C., NYC Metro Area

After a session, people often ask if it would be appropriate to work again within a specific time frame. The guidance I have received is that for most people, there should be no more than two readings a year. As I hear it, Heaven wants you to be able to connect with the Divine through your own Divine Heart, for your sake and for the sake of others. I am careful to listen to your Guiding Circle, and if they say that you may only have one session a year, I will tell you so. Sometimes emergencies come up and immediate support is needed. When this happens, again, I will listen to your Guiding Circle. It may be that what you need in the moment isn’t a session, but good old fashioned prayer. If that’s the case, I’ll let you know, and we can pray together right then and there.

I work with my clients on the phone, using Skype, using Zoom, or using Facetime. Since Divine Energy is all pervasive, it really doesn’t matter how we connect – the energy of Spirit is there, regardless. If we work together on the phone or Facetime, you will be calling me at 201-951-3906. Or, if you want to work on SKYPE, my Skype name is carolyn.swift.jones.  If you want to work on Zoom, a room will be set up for you one week before your session.

“My experience with Carolyn these past few years can best be described as angelic. I’ve felt loved and gently coaxed through revelations that were always appropriate to my growing level of spiritual cognizance, awareness, and communication, and always helpful. The heartwarming and, indeed, joyful experiences have left me enlightened and nurtured with an abundance of “food for meditation,” life’s lessons revealed, and clarity for weeks (and in fact years) to come.”
Robert R., California

Winchester, CT 06098
Phone: 201-951-3906; Skype: carolyn.swift.jones